The Art of Visual Communication

A picture speaks a thousand words.

As a brand you must have a product people want and can afford or aspire to own; but if you do not have a strong image your business will fail. How we communicate with others affects how we feel. So if you’re not evoking you’re indifferent and therefore not striking a chord (or the right chord) with your audience.

There’s a lot more science to marketing although the fundamentals are really very simple. Make your product look as beautiful as possible. We live in a world of mass consumerism and as a result, competition is rife. As consumers we have choices. Limited time span and limited budgets (for most of us mere mortals) means that if we’re going to spend more than £100 on a single purchase then we will exercise consideration. This is the bridge between influence and purchase.

In any business, you make your presentation hoping to influence a positive outcome but your audience need to make their own minds up before making a commitment. As a brand I’m trying to project the absolute best image for my product so that it hopefully influences you to follow me on Instagram, tell your friends, think of my brand when you think of the associated product (a British made raincoat for example) with a view to you buying from me.

Marketing is a process and make no mistake, is all about selling; selling an image first then a product or a service. If a sales person has no marketing tools it becomes a hard sell, something nobody wants. Fashion, and especially luxury, is all about the soft sell. All the marketing work that comes before sales is the influence that has created consideration that has generated sales.

Sales is often perceived by the consumer as a dirty word. “I don’t want to be sold to”, but this is happening to you daily on a subconscious level through marketing; particularly beautiful photography and film. Content is king of course, but there can be style with no literal or relevant substance. This is where an image, photographic or illustrative, is just freaking cool. End of story. You can fall in love with an image, which is what brands should want. As long as you don’t feel indifferent then you’re at least engaged on a base yet powerful visual level.

This is my first blog post and it’s taken me an infinite amount of time to publish because I’ve been obsessing with the design. It’s still not quite what I want but besides spending countless hours trying to figure out html code or paying someone else to do it, I’m happy with the typography, white space and simplicity of the layout. Image, image, image. Then, I was procrastinating over what should be my first post; what should I write about but perhaps more importantly, what image should I use? I’ve gone for one of my favourite photographs by Kim Høltermand, a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark who used to work as a fingerprints expert in The Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police. This information adds a layer of depth to the image and offers an explanation to you the viewer like a tag in an art gallery; although I was tempted to just post this image with no text as, image is everything.

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