LFWM Diary: Day 3

Matthew Miller x Hancock.

I’m on Dad Duty today so am missing out on a big event as it’s the Matthew Miller show and we met 3-months ago to discuss working together this season – so I’m posting the news live (well, next-day) from my kitchen table.

Hancock is a brand and factory I set-up 5-years ago with Daniel Dunko. In that time there have been collaborations with Gieves, Dunhill, Richard James, Converse, Ace Hotel, Stella McCartney, Margiela and Missoni. It was at a dinner for the latter in Milan with my friend and head of menswear, Mayur, that I met Jordan, who was assisting stylist Stephen Mann. Right away I detected a strong Yorkshire accent (being Northern myself but from the right side of the Pennines) and it transpired Jordan’s from a small village called Tadcaster where my Grandmother, Mother and Ally Capellino (no relation) are from. So immediately I knew he was one of the good guys and we kept in touch. Fast forward 8-seasons and I met with Jordan, Matthew and Creative Consultant, DJ, on the roof at Shoreditch House to see what we could do. The concept was simple enough – to utilise two existing styles in the Hancock collection, one single-breasted mac and one double-breasted trench in Navy and Khaki; both with belts that could be detached and re-attached to the rear yoke as a shoulder strap to be worn over the back when required (summer, cycling etc). Within an hour we had it pretty much worked out and agreed to make it happen in time for today.

Presented in an ornate medieval church, the ‘Degeneration’ collection featured sharp tailoring and shades of grunge with hair and make-up Edward Scissorhands would be proud of. Hancock was in excellent company with slip-on sneakers designed in collaboration with my one of favourite brands Filling Pieces, printed Japanese silk scarves by Design Lab Japan, jewellery by Parts of Four in Paris and British luxury eyewear brand Cutler & Gross. So that’s next summer’s look sorted although I may pass on the smudged black lipstick.




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