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Being 6ft 5 makes it hard to find clothes that fit. Working in the fashion industry and being particular about what I wear makes it even harder. Sometimes. The solution is (a) know what you want; (b) buy lot’s of accessories (they always fit) and (c) shop online.

There are very few online stores on my go-to list and END. (full-stop) is always one of them. Better known for it’s digital presence, it’s a bricks-and-mortar menswear institution in the North of England where all good things come from. The store has grown exponentially over the last 5-years and now stocks every brand under the sun from BAPE to Thom Browne to Visvim, WTAPS and much more. What I find about the high street is that for menswear it’s limiting; there are only a handful of independents per country that are really interesting, usually only one destination per major city. The rest are typically homogenous and formulaic; same shit, different store name. What I love about shopping online is the entire world opens up and if you slept on a hyped product drop that sold out in the country you live in, you may get lucky with an e-tailer based in a different time zone.

The following products were all lovingly purchased from END. this month:

1 Human Made HMMD Camo Cap

Besides the fact I’m growing my hair and getting to that awkward stage where it’s neither long nor short, aka not good; I’m wearing (and buying) a lot of caps right now. I’m a fan of Nigo from his Bathing Ape days to Curry Up in Jingumae, Tokyo so this was a no brainer. The soft lightweight cotton and unstructured make-up means it’s easy to roll-up and stash in your pocket or waist bag. However, it’s made in China not Japan as advertised so £65 buys you the woven badge at the front; which if it didn’t have, wouldn’t have been added to my basket.


2 Master-Piece Link Waist Bag

I do love a waist bag. Not to be worn around the waist like a tourist at Disneyland obviously, but lackadaisically thrown over your shoulder. It’s the perfect size for day trips around the city or as an inflight bag if you’re traveling light with life’s essentials, e.g. keys, wallet, phone. I have a Master-Piece brief I picked up several years ago but this one appears to be more premium in it’s construction and hardware components. That red pops like lipstick in a Robert Palmer video and the fold-able black section with the zip pocket I use for my phone is a nice touch. I managed to pick up the last one in stock and have road tested this on my recent trip to Florence (it works).


3 Converse One Star Tech

Totally missed these Dusty Olive numbers when they came out last November and they’re the perfect British summer shoe, e.g. water repellent. The buckle closures are so clean and the neoprene upper and Lunarlon sole units make these one of the most comfortable sneakers to ever adorn my size 12s. The exaggerated webbing heel pulls and colour combination lend a military vibe, so that I’m now on the look out for the perfect loose fitting army pant to pair these with.



4 Satisfy Running Cap

Another cap! This was one of four I ordered (3 don’t fit and are going back). Satisfy is a Parisian label I was first introduced to by my running crew and is acutely minimal with all the technical features you would expect from a major sportswear label. This small independent, designs with such attention-to-detail (detachable paper-touch labels) and in a plethora of luxury fabrications (check their silk shorts). The peak and fit on this cap is perfect for my big, but doesn’t look so big, sized head. Satisfy is not the most affordable, but you do get what you pay for after all.


5 Yuketen Market Tassel Bag

When it comes to bags, sneakers (and now caps) I may have a problem. I’ve been in search of a new everyday tote for a while now and this is it. Olive is every mans favourite colour along with navy and grey. I own several black totes (boring) and finding one in the aforementioned colours that’s the right size (large enough to look like a mans bag and proportionately works with the taller frame) is challenging. Then take into account provenance and craftsmanship, values we men hold dear, and options are reduced further. I’m still searching for a beautiful grey leather tote and nearly pulled the trigger in Balenciaga recently before realising that my tax bill is due this year. Until then, this rugged artisanal piece from Yuki Matsuda will be my go-to when I need to carry more than my waist bag will allow. Plus it was the horsehair tassel lanyard that did it me.




To shop the collection at END. please click here


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