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Lumaer LOVES

Footpatrol. Hi, my name’s Gary and I’m addicted to buying sneakers. I can’t help it, all it takes is a quick look online and there’s a new [insert brand name] limited/special edition that I haven’t got in that particular colour/fabric and I want it so bad it becomes a need. At last count I have […]


Paris Day. <relentless alarm tone> Time to wake-up. It’s 5:30am and I need to get the 6:30 train into London then catch the Eurostar to the City of Love for the day. This is by far the most civilised way to travel, not having to deal with airport shenanigans; however it never fails to surprise […]

Lumaer LOVES

END. Being 6ft 5 makes it hard to find clothes that fit. Working in the fashion industry and being particular about what I wear makes it even harder. Sometimes. The solution is (a) know what you want; (b) buy lot’s of accessories (they always fit) and (c) shop online. There are very few online stores […]

Pitti Uomo 92

Fashion, Fighting & Fettucine. This is my 24th Pitti show. Having launched Globe-Trotter here in June 2005, I’ve never missed a season and this week I’m visiting not exhibiting which is refreshing to say the least. Pitti Uomo is an institution; a medieval fortress that throws up the bat signal every 6-months for men worldwide […]